WS1 > Mapping activity


The mapping activity (WS1) has been divided into two phases. A first quantitative phase, whose instrument of research was the questionnaire, spread by contacting directly Institutions and Confederations (Confcooperative Federsolidarietà and CECOP-CICOPA) by using their mailing list and through a web search of Italian and European realities involved in the alternative measures.

All along the second qualitative phase of the mapping activity, we interviewed some of the realities who showed their interest. The interviews represented an opportunity to focus on aspects of the activity in the area of alternative measures.

As result of the mapping activity we received 70 questionnaires, 15 of them are from different European countries (UK, Spain, France, Sweden and Germany). We have then interviewed 13 organizations (6 European and 7 Italian) coming from different areas of intervention (housing, employment, training, social reintegration).


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